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Dryer Exhaust & Vent Cleaning

The laundry system in your home will work without any maintenance for many months. It’s easy to forget about the inner workings of these hardworking machines. There are important maintenance tasks that should be prioritized, however. Take a look at dryer vent duct cleaning and it’s importance in your home. Safety should always be at the top of the household to-do list.

A Professional’s Visit

A professional HVAC technician usually performs the duct-cleaning service. He or she places tools into both ends of the venting conduit. The duct is put under vacuum pressure. Then our Air Whip Clean Sweep systems high pressure air powered cleaning tools are used to remove lint and other possible debris.

  • Dryer flex duct replacement is available
  • Outside dryer duct louver replacement is available
Dryer Vent Cleaning

Visit Frequencies

If you notice any unusual issues, give a professional a call for an inspection. The dryer might be overheating, or your clothes are taking longer than normal to dry.  There might be a clog in the vent that requires immediate attention. Experts recommend cleaning your dryer exhaust ducting every 1-3 years.

Homeowner Maintenance

There are a few tasks that residents can complete in order to maintain the dryer vent. Keep a cap on the system where the exhaust exits the home. Try a mesh cover on the exhaust end within the dryer.

Clean off the lint that’s trapped in the mesh with every cycle. Pull out the vacuum every month, and remove any lint that’s moved past the mesh. These tasks will keep the home safer than ever before.

Don’t wait until there’s a real emergency. Set up a service schedule with a qualified professional. These visits will take any stress off your mind. Safety will remain constant at your home with these routines in place.

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Great! Our home is no longer a fire hazard! Very pleased with how Mark worked with our schedule as well.


Work went very well; everything was completed in less than an hour!


They knew their business, they did an efficient job, and certain things that were wrong with the home were corrected. They were friendly, courteous, answered all of my questions if I had any that needed answering. They did a tremendous job.


Excellent service. Workmen were very informative & polite.


Everything was excellent.  They were so kind and very helpful and now our house is very fresh and clean. We are very glad to have this company they really do a wonderful job.  Very clean in doing everything to clean the ducts of our house.  We were very happy and impressed.

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